Preferences – Documents General settings

This tab contain general settings for documents.

Taxon level to print on documents: Select how you wish latin names to print on documents. The default is Species.

Email permit applications:
AIMS can create UK and Irish CITES and A10 permit applications, either signally or in bulk with just a few mouse clicks.
If this box is ticked it will add the information needed to the application in order that you can submit it via email.

Name for permit signature: This is the nae you wish to appear on your permit applications.

Place name for applications: The place name you wish to appear on permit application, e.g Cardiff, Bristol etc

Include Company name on applications: If this is ticked and you have a company name in the users address form it will be printed on applciaitons.

Print logo on reports: On the top right of most reports is a logo.
This checkbox allows you to turn the printing of this on or off

By default this is the logo of Avian Management Services Limited, you easily can change it to you own company logo

See this article for detail on how to do this.