What’s New

Whats New

January 25 2023

Version 8.5.1

Location names /  numbers now sort correctly on reports and selection reports Previously because all location names  are character rather than numeric they did not always sort properly.  This has now been fixed. Fixes a bug in 8.5.0 when adding new location
January 23 2023

Version 8.50

You can now add last weight of bird to stock take report.

This is useful when medicating birds for such things as worming to calculate dosage

You can now add list of permits for each bird to stock take report.

This can be used to checking permits to make sure they are all entered or if you have a CITES compliance inspection

These are both controlled from the printing page of the preferences form.

Added US 3-186a Form for transferring birds.
Users permit numbers are saved after the first entry to auto fill in future entries.

When previewing reports you can now select from the toolbar to crates a PDF file copy of the report and drag it email, desktop, WattsApp etc.

June 9 2022

Version 8.4.0

Fixes an issued in the address book form with a tooltip text.

June 5 2022

Version 8.3.8

Fixes an issue when the system is checking parent species against eggs species and the egg has no mother recorded.



June 1 2022

Version 8.3.7

Fixed an issue where sexing method was not added to some chicks hatched.

This was causing an issue with CITES and A10 application.

The system will now scan all stock and ensure that they all have an entry for this.

May 29 2022

Version 8.3.6

Added New Stock Report with Permit details

This lists your stock ordered by Species, Sex then Ring.

It includes the birds details and the Permits on file for the birds, for example A10 or CITES permit details.

During processing you have the option to select all stock or just your breeding stock

May 26 2022

Version 8.3.5

Updated the description of the bird for CITES and A10 applications

The bird description is now formatted as per the example below:

One live Female Gyr Falcon, Falco rusticolus, wearing closed ring 12345X,  Hatched 26th may 2022.

A10 and parent’s A10 number are added as usual.

If the bird has more than one ring then this is printed depending on your settings in the preferences.

If sex is unknown then the setting in the preferences will determine if it added, default is to not add it.



May 21 2022

Version 8.3.4

Added code to validate egg species against parent species for egg.

Added code to validate chick species against egg species.

These are both to deal with issues of some hybrids getting out of sync with the main Taxon Database.

The code will automatically run after the update.

You can manually run it at any time from the check hybrids button button on the System Maintenance form.

May 16 2022

Version 8.3.3

Added option to not print Unknown sex on CITES and Article 10 applications.

If when you apply for a CITES permit or an Article 10 Certificate and you do not know the sex of the chick, if you enter the sex as Unknown then when you receive the Permit or Certificate and later do know the sex of the chick the Permit or Certificate is no longer valid and you will need to obtain a new one.

We have been advised by the UK CITES Management Authority that in this case it is best to simply leave the sex of the chick off of the description in the application altogether.

AIMS now has an option in the preferences that you can select to print or not print the words Unknown Sex on the applications.  The default it not to print it.


May 13 2022

Version 8.3.2

Added the option to include your Breeder ID to Article 10 Certificate applications.

On the A10 page in the preferences you can now select to add your breeder ID and the word (BREEDER)  to Article 10 Certificate Applications.