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Version 9.5.3
Fixes an issue introduced in 9.5.2 which showed a message about property lPro not found Permit form now has edit boxes for addresses disabled. Select the address if you are adding a new entry here using the arrow key to the right of the address, which will bring up the address book Permit checking code now sets the use of address field correctly for entries that had it set to false when it should have been true. This bring up the address fields correctly on the permit form.
Version 9.5.1

We have added a new report under bird reports, Egg Data for Female.

This gives you details of each egg from the female for the date range selected and included the chick and its location as well.


Fixed a small issue in the egg schedule where if the first egg in AIMS was laid on the first of the month it may in some instances not be displayed on the schedule.

Version 9.4.7

Fixed an issue with the chicks details not showing on the hatch page in some instances.

Update the check system data code for birds and eggs.

Version 9.4.6

On the report that you can print out to take to your incubation room to weigh your eggs if you do not have a computer in the incubation room we have allowed the entry which shows the fertility and % loss at pip for the last weighing to stretch inf needed.  In some case the % loss was getting truncated.

Version 9.4.5

On the Add new birds form we now validate the ring as you enter it rather than when you try to update the entries to the system.

This save you time if you are entering a bird that is already in AIMS.

Fixed an issue with the report that you can print out to take to your incubation room to weigh your eggs if you do not have a computer in the incubation room.
In some instances this was not printing.

Tweaked the Pedigree report

Version 9.4.4

Added two new stock reports.

Stock take for breeding stock

Stock take for non breeding stock

Version 9.4

We have added the ability to remove a bird, and ALL of it’s related records  from the system.

This was done as a few long time users have birds that they added many years ago when first using AIMS.  These birds did not really exist and were used to learn how to use AIMS.

If you wish to do this the best way is to backup your data.
Play with the system and then when you have finished restore your data from the backup.

That way you you will not have any dummy birds on the system.

See link below on how to use the new removal tool.

Remove Bird From System

Version 9.3

On the incubation reports menu we have added an egg laying chart.

This will give you a chart with the days of the month along the top and breeding stock females down the side, in order of location.

We use this to mark off when each egg is laid so we have a very quick view of who is due etc. These can be printed for this month, last month and next month.


Version 9.2

Added Median value to the female Laid hours between eggs form to give the users a much quicker idea of the normal value for the female.

If the median calculated date is before the current date the text for it will show in red.

Updated feed for formula report for feeding chicks.

This can now be set to work in print in French.

Added spell checker

The spell check s is multi lingual and can be set to work in the following languages:

English – American
English – British
English – Canadian

Chick details on pip / hatch page of egg form

The pip / hatch page on the egg form now displays the detail of the chick and it’s current location.


One the main menu you will see a menu option CITES.
There is also a report menu option CITES Compliance reports.

These disabled for the moment as it is something we are currently working on which ties into a major Taxonomy update for AIMS.

Version 9.0.8

We have added a new chcik rearing form.  See link below for details.

Chick Feed Formula Report