What’s New

Whats New

February 14 2021

7.4.6 Release

This fixes an issue in the add group of birds form in which the  acquisition type was not being recognised as an acquisition if it was the default value from the preferences form.
February 14 2021

7.4.5 Release

Version 7.4.5 of AIMS adds the add groups of birds to stock tables to the backup.

Previously these were considered temporary data tables and were not included.  Now that they can be persistent to allow the user to enter all the details without having to commit the data they are needed to be backed up.

(7.4.4 was an internal release for beta testing)

February 6 2021

7.4.3 Release

This release fixes a bug in the Acquisition and Disposition reports for date ranges.

The end date was not always being respected in the report, fixed now.

January 31 2021


We are please to announce the release of version 7.4.2 of AIMS.

In this update we have

  1. Added to the main taxon file for many subspecies.
  2. Updated the incubation data form so that users can now add their own entries.
  3. Added a new option to the File menu that allows you to check for updates to AIMS.You can also set in the preferences how often you want to check for updates on start-up, default is 14 days’

    In the next version we will be adding the ability for AIMS to update itself automatically.

January 3 2021

7.4 Release

On the 1st January 2021 the UK CITES authority issued new application forms for CITES are Article 10 Certificate.

These have now been incorporated into AIMS as of version 7.4


You can produce A10 and CITES application in AIMS with just two mouse clicks.  See our the video on how to do this on our YouTube Channel.



December 9 2020

7.2.3 Release

7.2.3 includes a fix for a file we missed out of the build that was needed for the Offspring report.

Added instructions on the first tab on how to use to the ImportStock excel file

December 7 2020

7.2.2 Release

We have today released version 7.2.2. of AIMS.

This adds a new report, Offspring.

Select the date range for the report and it will give you for each females who produced young in that date range a report by year with males for chicks, chicks details and it’s current location.

It also gives count of young by female for year, total young for female for date range and total production for the date range.


November 24 2020

7.2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of AIMS version 7.2.0.


This has all the recent updates in it and also fixes an issue in the medical records section of AIMS treatments for cases could not be deleted in some instances

November 18 2020

18th November 2020

BALAI Settings

Added entries on the General Page in Preferences for entry of BALAI registration number and date of first registration if user is a BALAI registered facility.

These will be added to report headers if a registration number is entered.

Added new disposition method – Disposition – Export

This will show on disposition methods for birds.  It was added so that the disposition report would show separately birds that had been exported since dispositions within the EU if you are a BALAI registered facility need prior approval whereas exports do not.

When you have an annual BALAI inspection you can then print off the following reports for the inspectors:

Inventory – with date set to that of the inspection
Acquisitions – with date range since last inspection
Dispositions – with date range since last inspection

Stock Report Counts

Added counts of birds to Stock Report for each location and for the parent enclosure if there is one.

Added counts of birds to Bird Enclosure Listing Report for each location and for the parent enclosure if there is one.

New Support Ticketing System

To track our customer support queries we have moved away from email support to an online Support Ticket service.

AIMS users will be sent a link to register on the system when they purchase AIMS.

Then you simply got www.visualaims.com/Support and create a new support ticket.

Using this we can better track support queries.


May 24 2020

Version 7.1.0

Irish A10 Certificate Applications

We have added new layout for Irish A10 Certificate application.

This Irish A10 certificate application form does not conform to the CITES A10 template so we have done one specific for that.

If the country in your registered user address is Ireland AIMS will run this rather than the standard one.

Check for updates

I have for many years wanted to add a check for updates into AIMS, but for various reasons have not been able to do so until now.

You can now check form the File menu.


This will check with the latest version available on our download server and compare it to the version you are running and inform you is updates are available.  This links in with our new Support Licence, see below.

Support Licence

When you purchase AIMS it comes with a one year update and support licence.  This give you access to all the latest downloads and support for a period of one year.

We now provide each user with a Support Licence Certificate.

This contains a link which you can use to download the latest version of AIMS.  The link is valid for one year.

After the year you can purchase additional year Support Licences, see our purchase page for details.