Preferences – Printing

This tab allows you to select which printers you want top use.
By default it loads you default printer for the computer into this.

The values here are stored locally on your computer as different computers on the network may have named the same printer in a different way.

Preview reports: If checked then on the report page the preview check box will be checked for you automatically.

Display full location wording: When the location of a bird is displayed and this is ticked the report will show the full details. For example if unticked it might say:
Disposition Sale
If ticked it would say:
Disposition sale – to Mr XXXX

Preview transaction report: If checked then when you create a transaction report it will preview for you rather than print directly.

Auto print Pip label: A pip label will automatically be printed when you pip an egg

Print 2nd Pip Label: A 2nd pip label will automatically be printed for you

Auto print pip notes: A pip note label will be automatically be printed for you if there are any notes in the pip nites field on the pip / hatch tab of the egg management form.

Auto print growth chart: A growth chart for the check will automatically be printed when you hatch an egg

Auto print egg report on hatch: When you hatch an egg a full egg report will be automatically printed for you. This gives all the details of the egg, weights, weight loss etc for you to file.

Test print a pip label: This button allows you to print a test pip label, useful when configuring your label printer.