Prediction of the data and time for next egg

When using artificial insemination it’s important to be able to predict when the next egg will be laid.

AIMS has two ways of assisting you in this.
Both of these use the mean laid time for the calculations.

Hours since last egg in clutch #

The hours since the last egg are displayed at the top of the egg page.

This is calculated form the last egg in the same clutch.

The first egg in a clutch will not show any time here.

Predicting from historical data. #

This gives you historical data for each female with the number of hours between eggs, the number of eggs for that timing and based on that the predicted next date and time for the egg after the one being viewed.

You can select the number fo years you want to view the data by from the year control under the grid.

If you leave this form open and move through the eggs in the egg control it will update itself as you move.

To bring this form up there is a button at the bottom of the egg form.

When you update from a version of AIMS that does not have this feature you need to have AIMS populate the data for you in the egg table.

When you add a new egg for a female AIMS will update all her previous eggs for you automatically.

If you want to populate all your eggs with the data needed you can do this from the System Maintenance form.

When the incubation check runs select Report rather than correct