Installing AIMS

Create a temporary folder on your C drive and save the visualaims_setup.exe and your AIM.LIC file in there.

Right click on the visualaims_setup.exe and select Run as Administrator

This will start the installation process.

Click on the Next button to move to the Licence Agreement screen.

To proceed with the installation please read and accept the Licence Agreement.
This will enable the Next button.

If the installation process is unable to locate the AIM.LIC file in it’s directory you will see the following screen.

You need to have the AIM.LIC file in the same directory as the installation file.

You can copy it to the same directory and click on the Continue with Installation button, or Cancel the Installation whilst you locate the licence file.

If the AIM.LIC file is detected by the installer you next select the type of installation you want to make.

  1. Standalone computer.
    This is a single computer that is used to both hold your data and run AIMS on.
  2. Server.
    AIMS allows any number of computers on your local network to access the data at the same time. The standard Licence allows you install AIMS on two two computer accessing the data.

    Normally this is one computer holding your data and running AIMS and a second workstation accessing that data.

    This installation type is used if you want to hold your data on a file server on a larger local network. On a file server you don’t actually run AIMS, it just holds your data.

    If you select this option you can install the data on the file server and still within the terms of the standard licence you can run AIMS on two workstations accessing the data on the file server since you will only be running AIMS on two computers on your local network.
  3. Workstation.
    This is a computer that does not hold your data but reads it across your network from a Standalone or server installation.
    For this type of install you need to map your data location on your computer, more on this later in this page.

  4. Application Update.
    This is to update an existing standalone or server installation.
    From version 7.5 onwards this will be removed as AIMS will be able to update itself from our support server.

After selecting your installation type click on the Next button to move to the next page where you will select where on your computer you want to install AIMS.

The default installation location is C:\visualaims

You can use the browse button to select another location if you wish, we recommend that you leave it at the default unless you are installing on a file server in which case you will probably not want the data in the same partition as your operating system.

Do not select a directory with a space in the name such as C:\Program file\visualaims

The system does not like spaces in path.

When you are happy with the installation location click on the next button.

You are now ready to run the install. Click on the next button to start the installation process.

The installation will add a desktop icon for you from which you can run AIMS