Preferences – A10 Certificate

AIMS allows you to produce fully completed UK or Irish Article 10 applications with just a few mouse clicks.

If your CITES authority allows you to submit paper or emailed applications please send us a copy of the application forms and we can add these to AIMS

These can be doe either individually or in bulk.

This tab allows you to set defaults for these applications.

The main part of the tab, which is pre filled for you, has the options for sections 18 and 19 of the application.

Permit applied for: Tick which of these you would like to apply for

Add parents: If ticked and the birds parents details are in AIMS it will add them to the application.

Add Parent A10: If the birds parents A10 numbers are in AIMS they will be added to the application.

Include parent species in description: If ticked the parent species will be added to their description. This is untucked by default as the birds species will show what it’s parents are and also to save room in the description box on the application.