Preferences – Certificate of Captive Breeding

AIMS can print for you a certificate of captive breeding which you can pass on with any birds you sell or give away.

Certificate of Captive Breeding

Details on how to print this can be found here – Printing Certificate of Captive Breeding.

This tab in the preferences allows you to set what you would like to appear on the certificate

Wording for Certificate: This is the default wording that will print on the Certificate. You can later this to suit your needs.

Add sex to Certificate: Prints the sex of the bird on the Certificate.

Add rearing method: Prints the rearing method you have for the bird on the Certificate.

Show parent accession numbers: Adds the parents accession numbers to the Certificate.

Show A10 Cert on Certificate: Prints the birds A10 Certificate number on the Certificate if it is in AIMS.

Company stamp on Certificate: Prints a place holder for a company stamp. This states in very light text that the certificate is not valid unless it has the company stamp on it.

Certificate must be signed: Prints a place holder for a signature. This states in very light text that the certificate is not valid unless it has an original signature on it.

Show parent ring numbers on Certificate: Print the parent ring numbers on the certificate.

Only print if egg is on system: Only print certificates for chicks that have hatched form eggs in AIMS.

Signature for Certificate: Enter the name you would like to be printed next to the signature on the Certificate

Title for signature: The tile to go next to the signature, Breeder, Director, Manager etc

Security Number: The Certificate has a security number at the top right.
You can use to validate it if someone waants to chekc with you if it is a genuine Certficate issued by you.
We had several instances in the past of people faking Certificates of Captive breeding from our facility in Dubai in order to try to obtain Export CITES permits. The security code prevented this as the UAE CITES authority contacted us and asked us to confirm if the Certificate of Captive breeding was genuine. We were able to show that it was not since the security number was not valid.

These can be checked using this menu option:

This will bring up a form into which you enter the details for it to validate the code:

Certificate QR code: At the bottom right of the Certificate is a QR code. This holds all the details shown in the Certificate and is used as an anti forgery protection.

It can be scanned by most smart phones.A can of the code in the above Certificate image would give you:

Certificate No. 2/2021
Date issued 24/03/2021
Accession No. 636
Bird ID. AMS-636
Species. Falco rusticolus
Security No. 11215
Produced by Avian Information Management System.