Breeding Season

Introduced in version 8.2 AIMS, you can now use breeding season rather than just years for when eggs were laid.

For most breeders in the northern hemisphere you do not need to do anything and leave the preferences setting as January for the Breeding season starts.

If your laying for any one breeding season goes form one year to the next you can select the month of the start of your breeding season in the preferences form.

We suggest that you enter a month which is one before your normal laying starts, this will allow you to have any eggs that are laid early included within that breeding season.


Using this for anything other than January will show your eggs in the egg control by season rather than just a year.

The images below show before and after changing this from January

Egg control set at January

Egg set at January
Egg control set at March
Egg with start date set March

The egg numbering will be reset when the new month is reached, rather than always at January in earlier version of AIMS.