AIMS User Manual

Welcome to the user manual for the Avian Information Management System, AIMS

AIMS is an avian management programme designed to manage both large and small avian collections and their incubation needs.

In many countries it is a legal requirement to maintain proper records for avian collections, even small private collections.  AIMS provides you with all the information needed to meet these requirements.

AIMS has unique incubation management features such as calculating the required humidity for an egg to achieve its optimum pip weight loss.

AIMS is different from other avian management programmes on the market because it has been developed on the job.

We use it every day to manage our own large falcon breeding and research Centres in Dubai and the United Kingdom where we incubate several hundred eggs per year.

Therefore we know what information the user needs to hand and how systems need to work in a real world with birds.

As we use AIMS to manage our own large collection every day we are constantly adding new features to it, so it will always be a work in progress.