How do I change the logo on reports to my own company logo

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You can change the AIMS logo on reports to your own company logo by simply changing two image files.

In the main directory there are two files:

These are the files that are used to display the logo on reports.

The files are 178 by 176 pixels.
6.21cm high by 6.28 cm wide
Resolution 72 pixels per inch

If you wish to use your own company logo instead of the AIMS logo you need to create a file with your logo of the same size and resolution as above and replace the companylogo.jpg with your own in the main directory on each of your computers.

For the cert_companylogo.jpg image, used on the Certificate of Captive breeding, you use a copy of your companylogo.jpg image and set the background colours to R = 229, G = 235, B 199 using a programme such as Adobe Photoshop.

This will ensure that your background does not appear as a white area on the Certificate.

Name this file cert_companylogo.jpg and again save a copy in the main directory on each of your computers.

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