Creating reminders for ringing chicks

Its very important not to miss the time to ring chicks.

AIMS can automatically create reminders for you for this.

This is controlled from two settings on the Bird Identification page of the preferences form

These are:

  1. Add reminder to fit ring.
    If this is checked then when you hatch an egg AIMS will create a reminder for you.
    The reminder is created only if there is an age to fit rings for this species in the age to ring chicks table, see item 2 below.
  2. Ask to add ID fitting age.
    If this is checked then each time you hatch an egg AIMS will check if there is an entry for that species / subspecies in the age to ring chicks table.

    If there is no entry a form will come up allowing you to enter at how many days of age you would normally ring a check of this species.

    This option allows an administrator to turned on or off users ability enter ages for species that do not have entries.

    In most cases this would be checked if Add reminder to fit ring.

You can access the age at which to ring chicks form directly from the main menu or the control on the left of the main form.

You can manual add entries here for the species you breed.

To access the reminders you use the main menu.

When you open this form the current location will be that where the chick is at that time, not just that when the record was created.

Rather than having to open this form each time you need to check if there are any reminders due for today, or active ones that are still due, AIMS will display at the very bottom of your screen a notice informing you that you have reminders that are still active. Click on this to open the reminders form.

When you ring a chick AIMS will automatically deactivate the ringing reminder for it.