Welcome to the web site for the Avian Information Management System, AIMS.

AIMS is an avian collection management system with a unique avian incubation management module.

AIMS started life in the early 1980s the Avian Incubation Management System.
Since AIMS now provides comprehensive stock management in addition to its unique incubation features we have changed the name, whilst still retaining the original AIMS acronym.

AIMS is used by many private breeders and zoos around the world to manage their bird collection and incubation of eggs.

We use AIMS everyday to run our falcon breeding and research facility in Dubai. 

Since we manage a large bird collection and also wrote the programme we know what users need and how they need the system to work for them in order to provide a system that actually helps them with their day to day work, rather than a system that just records data.

AIMS is unique in it’s easy of use incubation management system which not only allows you to monitor your eggs but will calculate for you the exact humidity you need to set your incubators to in order to acheive the correct % weight loss at pip.