Individual CITES permit applications

To produce an individual CITES permit application, or view an existing one, for a bird you go to the bird you want to produce the application for then open the CITES Application form from the CITES Application (Single) menu option under the Permits / Documents menu

This will open the application form and if there is no record it will add anew one and fill it from your preference settings.

If the application is, as is the case above, an import permit and you want an export permit simply tick the Export permit check box at the top right.

This will change the names and addresses around as well as the countries of export and import.

The description field contains more data than is shown on the form, due to space. You can however scroll down through this to see the other information in the field, such as parent details and their A10 permit numbers.

To output the application to print or PDF click on the print button on the toolbar.

This will open the print form to allow you to select the output type you would like.

The CITES single application form also works as a child form.

If you keep the bird and the CITES single application form open side by side and select another bird then click on the CITES form it will display or create and new application for that bird. This allows you to view or create application for several birds without having to close the forms down.