Chick Feed Formula Report

This report allows a project manager to define the amount of food that should be given to a chick and the brooder temperature for any given species at each day of hand rearing.

This is useful in larger projects where staff change during the week.

It has been developed at the request of, and with the assistance of , Maxime Loiseau of La Palmyre Zoo in France.

The report provided the person rearing it with the % of the chicks body weight that needs to be fed each day, and how much to give at each feed.

The percentage values for these are set via a master entry for the species which is set up by the project manager.

To use this open the main form via either the main menu of the side menu on the main AIMS page:

ON the first page add a new record and select the species.

Enter the number of days for hand rearing and how many feeds per day.

For each feed enter the time you would normally expect to feed the chick. You can have up to 8 feeds per day, ( if you need more please contact support.)

Then select the feed unit. These are by default mL or g.
You can add another unit if you wish as this is an F2 Lookup entry field.

In our example above we have entered 12 days for hand rearing.

Select the Age Detail tab.

AIMS will add a day for each of the days you have entered on the Species detail tab for hand rearing.

Note that the first day is day 0 not day 1.
So for our example it has added 12 entries for us, day 0 to day 11.

Now enter the percentage of the chicks weight that it should be fed on any given day and the brooder temperature you would like it to be kept at.

Not that you do not have to fill in entry day, just when the value changes.

Once you are happy with the entries click on the update grid button.

This will go through the entries and update those that are 0 to the value above them.

If you wish to reduce the number of days simply change the number of the Species Detail page and go back to the Age detail page and AIMS will remove the unwanted ones.

To increase the number of days simply increase the number of days to hand rear on page one and then select the Age Detail Tab.

Note that the toolbar is not available on the Age Detail page.
You have to return to the Species Detail page to add records or close the form.

To select this report for printing when you hatch a chick go to the preferences form / Chick Hatching and Rearing page.

This report can run to quite a few pages, depending on how many days you have set.

To only print a selection of the pages at any one time you can preview the report and in the Printing preferences select to print a selected range of pages.