Quick Date Time Entry

When entering dates and times into AIMS you can speed up the process by using the date shortcut feature.

In this example we will use pip times for an egg.

You come into your hatchery in the morning and find that an egg has pipped overnight, from 23:00 last night to 7:35 this morning.

In the pip from date field rather than typing in yesterdays date, just type 88 and press the TAB key.

This will enter yesterdays date and put you into the time field with the current time.

Change the time to 23:00 and press the TAB key to put you into the date field for the piped to.

Type 99 and press the TAB key.

This will enter the current date and time for you.

This feature is a huge time saver and also saves you having to think about what the dates are when you are tired during a very busy breeding season.