Overview of AIMS

Whether you are breeding birds as a hobby or as a living one of your most import assets is information.

AIMS provides you with a dedicated system to manage your bird collection and incubation of eggs, allowing you to view current and historical data about your birds and eggs in an easy to access format.

Its incubation module takes care of all your incubation needs with comprehensive and easy to use interface. Weight loss control, fresh egg weight calculation of eggs when taken from parents and it even calculates for you the exact humidity you need for each egg.

Stock Management

  • Selected species from built in Taxon database which has over 10,000 species and over 20,000 subspecies.

  • Record and track movements of birds into, out of and within your facility.

  • Easily locate any bird in your stock by name, ring number or location.

  • View you stock by a number of filters.


  • Record new eggs by simply entering the date laid and the aviary number they were laid in and AIMS will auto fill in the parents details for you automatically from your stock.

  • Very fast data entry for egg weights allowing you to weigh and candle hundreds of eggs in a session. Simply right click on the egg in the graphical egg control and type the weight and you are done.

  • AIMS will calculate and display the % loss at pip. Unlike using graphs where you have to follow the line down to the pip time in order to see what % loss you will achieve at pip AIMS tell you what you will reach at pip right one the screen in front of you.

  • AIMS will calculate the exact humidity you need to move the egg to in order to achieve the desired weight loss at pip. No other incubation management tool does this for you.

  • Calculations allow for time differences since last weighing so you don’t have to forced to weigh your eggs at the same time each day in order to achieve correct results.

  • AIMS provides graphical warnings if weight loss at pip will be outside the parameters you have set for the egg.

  • Automatically calculate fresh weights of eggs that have been incubated under birds using the inbuilt Kw data which has data derived from weights and measurements from real fresh eggs of 161 species.

  • Supplied Pip data from over 7,000 egg.

  • Supplied kw data on over 18,000 eggs

    See the Incubation Page for more details


AIMS has a wide variety of reports with easy selection of birds from controls displaying your stock in graphical format.

Permit Applications

  • Produce CITES import and Export permit application and Article 10 Certificate Applications with just a few mouse clicks, , no typing needed

    To produce a CITES export Permit:
  1. Select the bird you want to produce the CITES permit for.
  2. Open the CITES application form and add new record.
  3. Select the name of the person you want to export the bird to.
    You can set this in the preferences if you regularly export to one person
  4. Click on the print button to print a hard copy or PDF.

Th permit application will be printed with all the bird details including it’s Article 10 Certificate number. Just sign it and you are done.

To produce Article 10 Certificate applications:

  1. Select the bird you want to produce the Application for.
  2. Open the Article 10 application form.
    AIMS adds a new record sand fills it in automatically.
  3. Click on the print button to print a hard copy or PDF.

    So its just two mouse clicks and no typing at all needed