AIMS provides a unique and easy to use incubation management module.

Incubation data and stock management are tightly integrated in AIMS.  To register a new egg you simply enter the date and time the egg was laid, select the enclosure it was laid in and AIMS will fill in the parent details for you from the pair in the enclosure at that time.

 This saves mistakes in identifying parents and saves you a lot of time.  

If the parents are different species, such as Gyr Falcon and a Peregrine Falcon AIMS will automatically create the hybrid Taxon for you.

Main egg registration screen

The egg management form has a graphical control on the left hand side showing all of your eggs. These are colour coded to indicate fertility, due to pip, pipped and hatched, etc.

It also show the current day of incubation and number of days left until pip.  You can view this using various built in filters such as current location of egg, egg number, Female ID, Pip order etc. 

All the details you need for the egg can be entered in this easy to use controls on the form.

If the egg has been incubated by the bird before you take it AIMS will calculate the fresh weight for you using built in Kw values, or regression if you do not measure your eggs.

Kw screen for calculating fresh weight of incubated eggs

For weight loss control weighing an egg could not be easier.  Right click on the egg you want to weigh in the egg control on the left and AIMS will add a new record to the egg weight page and fill in the current date and time and places you in the egg weight field.
You simply type in the weight and TAB out of the field.

AIMS will calculate the % weight loss your egg will achieve at pip (1) and will even calculate for you the exact humidity you need to place the egg into in order to achieve the optimum % loss at pip you have set for the egg (2) .  This feature is unique to AIMS.

Egg weight loss screen

All calculations are done to the nearest minute so you can weigh your eggs at different time of day and not worry about having to correct for time differences, as you have to do using a paper graph.

You can see the previous weights and % loss calculations on the one page.  AIMS will also draw the egg weight loss graph for you if you want to see this, but it is not needed as the calculated weight loss on the egg weight page shows you what the egg will active at pip.

Egg Weight Graph

When you hatch an egg AIMS will automatically add the new chick to your stock and record it’s parents details for you.

When candling egg you often want to type in the same short comment for many eggs.
AIMS provides you with a series of shot note buttons. Simply click on the button to add the test to the notes.

To alter the text on any of the buttons you just right click on one of the buttons and teh text edit form for these will come up. Change the text you want and close the form, all without having to come out of the egg form and disturb your work flow.

Egg Schedule

This gives you a visual representation of your eggs showing their lay dates and colour indication their current status.

The start date by default is the season start date from the preferences.  If the date is equal to or after this then the females on the left are lasted by their location, with the location name on the left side of the text.  If the date is before the season start date the females are listed by species then ID.

If you move your mouse over an egg and hold it there for a second a tool tip will appear on the screen showing the detail of the edge with dates, parents and if the egg has hatched the check detail as well

Egg Schedule

You can expand the size of the form by holding the bottom right of the form with your mouse and dragging it.

Two buttons on the form allow you to goto the first or last eggs.

See just how easy AIMS make egg weight entry and weight loss calculations