Age Class Graph

When managing your stock it’s important to know the age structure of it.

Trying to do this by looking through the stock list does not really give you a good insight into the makeup of the age of your birds.

Using an Age Class graph gives you an immediate insight into the age structure of your stock.

You can select this from the Utilities section on the toolbar on the left hand side of the screen or from the Utilities menu options at the top.

The species you want to look at is selected from the List button on the main toolbar.

List button on main toolbar

The graph above show the white colour morph of white Gyr Falcons.

Notice that there are no years at the top for 2001, 2002 and 2004. This is because there were no birds of that age class in the results data set.

To view all years check the Use all Years check box.
This adds in entries for years with zero birds in that age class.

To view the graph at just the species level you can either select Gyr Falcon, with no colour morph, from the toolbar list or click on the View at Species level check box.

This will then give you all Gyrs Falcons, irrespective of colour morph.

Being able to see the age structure of your stock in this way is a great tool for deciding what birds you need to retain or obtain for breeding stock for any one year.