Preferences – Transfer Documents

If you sell your chicks you need to move them out of your stock.

You can do this by simply creating a movement record of type “Disposition Sale”

However it is better to do so using the transfer feature of AIMS.
This removes the chcik from your stock and also creates a transfer document which contains details of the transfer and the buyer can sign it so they agree to any conditions you put on the sale, such as they have three working days to carry out a health check, for what reasons they can return the bird upon completion of that, etc.

The settings in this section will be used by the transfer form as defaults, you can then alter them for each transfer if you wish.

Default Transfer Reason: The default reason for transfers.

Default wording for transfer agreement: The wording to appear by default on the transfer document.

Auto Print on committing: When you create a transfer AIMS adds birds to the transfer record and then you commit the record, which moves the birds out of your stock. Having this check box ticked means AIMS will auto print the transfer document when you commit the record.

AIMS prints two copies of the repoprt, a client copy and a file copy.