Chick Growth forms

When you hatch an egg in AIMS you can print forms to use to track the growth of your chick.

There are two of these available.

Chick Growth form #

This form provides you with one line per day for the first 30 days.

You can record the chick weight each morning before feeding and any notes.
At the top of the form is a section for the colour making of the chick and a section for the ring number when you ring it.

Feed Weight chart #

This form gives you 12 days and for each you can record the weight of the chick before and after feeds and the amount of food consumed.

Each page has 4 times for feeding. You can have eight feed times per day.
The times for these are controlled from setting in the preferences form, see below for details.

Preference settings for production of these forms. #

You can select which of these forms , or both, to print when you hatch an egg from the settings for ‘Print Growth Chart’ and ‘Print Chick feed chart’ check boxes.

If you check the ‘Auto print on Hatch’ check box AIMS will automatically print the form(s) when you hatch an egg.

If Preview reports is checked the output will got to a preview form form where you can print.

Normally one would have these as direct printing rather than preview. They will output to the A4 printer selected in the preferences printing section.

The times printed on the feed weight chart come form the settings on printing page.
If feed time five is not 00:00, AIMS will print a 2nd page for you with times five, six , seven and eight on.