AIMS uses the same toolbar for all its forms. This provides a consistent user interface.

The following describes the features of each button on the toolbar, from left to right.

Please take the time to read this and familiarise yourself with each of the controls as you will be using these every day.

Parent Mode off

While Parent Mode is off, the record selection and navigation controls operate on child records. 

  Parent Mode on

Parent Mode on

While Parent Mode is on, the record selection and navigation controls operate on parent records. 

Navigation Controls: #

The navigation controls move through the records in a table and locate specific records.  As you navigate through the records in a table, the Order selected and the Filter in effect, if any, determines how the table appears to the navigation controls.


Brings up the Find dialogue for finding a record using the table’s primary key or the current Order index key.

If a partial key is entered, all records matching the partial key are displayed in a Browse for user selection. 


Brings up the Locate dialogue for locating records using condition expressions created by the user.  Displays all records meeting the conditions in a Browse for user selection.


Provides a pick list grid with incremental search and sort able columns for finding records quickly and easily. 

Record Selection Controls: #

The record selection controls allow you to choose the table records displayed and to set the display order.

Filter off

Brings up the Condition Builder for creating a record filter.

When a filter is created, only records that satisfy the filter condition are displayed, and the Filter button toggles to the Filter On picture.


Sets the order in which records are displayed in forms.


Displays the Report Manager form, or prints the report directly depending on which form you are on at the time.


Displays the first record in a table as defined by the record Order and Filter.


Displays the previous record in a table as defined by the record Order and Filter.


Displays the next record in a table as defined by the record Order and Filter.


Displays the last record in a table as defined by the record Order and Filter.

Data Update Controls: #

You use data update controls to maintain the data in a table.  As you update the data, a record of the update is entered in the Audit Trail if the Audit Trail tool is on.


Adds a new blank record to a form.

If the form is a child in a Related Forms group, the parent key fields are automatically added for you.

For example if you have the bird form open and then open the bird weight form and add a new entry for weights the correct bird will automatically be added to the weight records for you. 



Copies the current record and displays the copy for editing.  Used to add a record and carry values from the current record to the new record.  If some fields need to be unique these will be blanked when copying a record.

  Edit Mode

Edit Mode

Turns Edit Mode on or off.

When in edit mode a record that has been saved is locked for editing until the edit mode button on the toolbar is selected. This prevents users overwriting and exiting record by mistake. For example you enter a new incubator and save the record, then without entering a new record you enter the details of your next incubator. You do this six times. At the end you only have on incubator on the system as rather than adding new ones you have altered the existing record six times.

Edit mode is designed to stop inexperienced users from doing this.

This being turned on or off is controlled by a setting in the Preferences form.


Deletes the current record from the table.  Relational Integrity is enforced.

Group Delete

Brings up the Group Delete dialogue for deleting records using condition expressions created by the user.

Deletes all records meeting the conditions entered.

As records are deleted, the Audit Trail is updated and Relational Integrity is enforced.


After adding a new record, clicking the More control saves the record and adds a new blank record.
This is the same as clicking save and then new.


Saves data entered while Adding, Copying or Editing a record and ends the add or Copy.


Cancels data entries and changes made while Adding, Copying or editing a record and terminate the Add or Copy.

Close Control: #


Closes the form.