Preferences – Bird Identification

This section is for bird identification settings.

Accession Number #

The accession number is used as a unique reference for each bird you add to the system.
If you leave this box ticked AIMS will auto generate the accession numbers for you.
These are simply sequential numbers, 1,2 ,3 4,5, …..
If you already have an accession number system you can untick this and enter them manually.

You can use these when filing documents for your birds. If you file documents under the ring number and the ring number changes your filing will be messed up. By using the Accession number which never changes makes filing much easier.

Level at which identification to be unique.
Your can set how AIMS cheques uniqueness of birds ring within your stock
The options are:
None: No checking on uniqueness of the rings, not recommended
Unique: The default. All rinsg within your facility must be unique.
Class: AIMS can be used for other animals not just birds.
Order: Rings must be unique at Order level of Taxonomy.
Family: Rings must be unique at Family level of Taxonomy.
Genus: Rings must be unique at Genus level of Taxonomy.
Species: Rings must be unique at Species level of Taxonomy. #

Add reminder to fit ring
When you hatch an egg AIMS will create a reminder record for ringing the chick.

Ask to add ID fitting age
If ticked AIMS will ask you at what age you want to ring chicks of this species if it is not already recorded in the system. #

Default values when adding birds to your stock

Bird Identification type: Default is Closed Ring

Default Microchip reader: Default is Not Recorded. You can pick from others in the system by default.

Generation Captive Bred: Default is F2. When hatching an egg AIMS calculates this from the F generation of the parents.
F0 – Wild, F1- 1st generation captive bred ( one of both parents are wild), F2 – ( one of both parents are at least F1) etc.

Default sexing Method: Default is Visual, you can select others that are already added to AIMS such as DNA.

Default ID Location: Default is Not Recorded. You can select from left or right leg, or add others of your choice. #