Certificate of Captive Breeding

AIMS allows you to print Certificates of Captive Breeding for bird that you have bred, which you can pass on with a bird when you transfer it to someone else.

What details print on this are driven from a setting in the Preferences Form.

Production of the Certificate can be done in two ways:

  1. From the Reports Menu.

Select Certificate of Captive Breeding from the drop down list as the report to run.

Select the output type you would like.

Select how to view your stock on the left, in the above example it is by location.

Tick the box for the bird or birds you wish to produce the Certificates for.

Click on the Generate Reports button to produce the Certificate.

2. From the bird record

In the bird form go to the bird you want to use.

Then click on the Print button on the toolbar

This will open the same report form as above, with stock listed and the bird in question selected at the bottom of the in the control on the left hand side.

Select the output type you would like and click the Generate Report button to produce the Certificate of Captive Breeding

By default you can only print the Certificates for birds that have hatched from eggs in AIMS.

If you have birds that you have bred and entered into AIMS before using it for incubation you can untick the “Only print if egg is on system” check box in the preferences to allow you to print for any bird in your stock.

To change the logo which prints on the Certificate please refer to this article.

How do I change the logo used on reports to my own company logo