Preferences – Egg Data Submission

AIMS has a built in set of pip times and Kw values for a large range of species.

This has been built up over many years from our own and other AIMS users data.

We currently hold data on nearly 12,000 eggs of a wide variety of species

So that we can provide you with accurate data for incubation periods and Kw values for eggs, we ask all our users to submit their egg data to us so that we can collate it and send out new data updates for everyone to use.

The data we send out is the collated data and not from your individual eggs and consists of average pip times and average Kw values for species.

AIMS send this information to us by email.
If you mark in the preferences support section for the system to send additional emails it will also send a copy to the email addresses you enter there

Below is an extract from a data submission email showing what data it send to us.

Licence to Avian Management Services Limited
Licence No.  656855585
Version 8.2
Registered to Avian Management Services Limited
Serial Number 656855585

Egg Common Gyr Falcon – White
Mother Common Gyr Falcon – White
Father Common Gyr Falcon – White
Fresh Weight 56.27
Length 56.85
Width 42.37
Pip time 31.90

The first line is a unique identifier for the egg. This is what AIMS uses to identify your egg internally. This is sent to us so that we do not import the same egg twice is you reset your data submission and send us a complete data set.

This data is imported into our master egg database and the system runs some checks to exclude for use entries that are clearly incorrect, such as very short pip or very long pip times for the species.

We then collate the data and a new set of pip time and Kw values is created from the mean, max and min values for each species. This goes out with each new update.

To submit the egg data click on the Submit Egg data Now button.

Once the egg data has been send the system will make all the eggs as having been submitted, so that the next time you send it it will only use the newer eggs.

To reset this and send all your eggs agin, for example if there was a problem in the system sending the email to us you can click on the Reset Egg Data Submission date button.

This will clear out the entry for the eggs which marks them as submitted