Purchasing AIMS

What do you get when you purchase AIMS

New Licence

  • We will send you a licence file by email together with a link to download the AIMS installer.

    Your download link is unique to you and allows you to download all updated for a year from the date of purchase.
  • You get one years support and updates to AIMS.

    After the first year you can purchase an additional years support package, which will give you another years updates and support.

    If you choose not to purchase this AIMS will continue to run, but you will not have access to new updates or support.
  • The standard licence allows you to install AIMS on two computers on your local network. One holds the data and the other can access that data across your local network.

    This allows you to have one machine in your main office area and one in your incubation room.

    You can purchase extra workstation licences, see below for pricing.
  • Extended Support Licence

You can renew you support licence after the first year.
This gives you another years updates and support.

Please see below for pricing

Payment is via a PayPal invoice if you are outside of the UK, or by bank transfer or PayPal invoice if you are in the UK.

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay this as it can be done using any credit or debit card.

The transactions goes through PayPal and so are secure.


  • New licence with one years updates and support 500 pound sterling.
  • Extra workstation licences 100 pounds sterling each.
  • Annual update / support package is 100 pounds sterling per system irrespective of number of extra workstations.

    All prices are exclusive of VAT if that is applicable. If you are in the EU and have a valid VAT number then we will invoice with no VAT.

Please complete the form below to enquire about purchasing a copy of AIMS.

Please enter the name you would like the program licence to be in.