Address Book

For all your name and address entries in AIMS you use the built in address book.

This is brought up from the menu or from the selection control on the left of the main screen in the utilities section.

To add a new record simply click on the Add New button on the toolbar

The address book comes with some pre loaded addresses of CITES authorities.
for these the CITES authority tick-box at the bottom of the form would be ticked and if the same address is used for Article 10 Certificates that would also be ticked

You can add address in here for people you have received birds form so that you can use these when entering the bird in the initial stock if the acquisition type is such that you received the bird from a third party.

You don’t have to add them at this point as you can always add addresses on the fly as you are working by means of the add new button in the F2 Lookup control for addresses in the form you are working in.