Before you can enter your stock you need to have somewhere to put the birds.

The creation of enclosures can be done in two ways.

  1. Add them by batch
  2. Add them one by one when in the enclosure form.

Adding batches of enclosures #

The add batch of enclosures form is brought up for you by the startup wizard or you can open it at any time from the menu.

This will bring up the Create Batch Enclosure form.

In this example we are going to add the following enclosures:

10 breeding pens in an block called “Imprint Block”

10 breeding pens in a block called “Natural Pairs”

A quarantine unit with 6 room

Imprint Block #

I’m going to use simple sequential numbers for my pens which makes it easier later when entering eggs into AIMS. Please see the article on Naming Suggestions for details on this.

Enter 1 in the Starting Enclosure Number

Enter 10 in the Ending Enclosure number

You are shown a sample of how the names will look, a little more on that when we do the Quarentine unit.

I want these enclosures to be in a block named Imprint Block.

To do this I right click in the Select Parent Enclosure field and select the Add New option form the menu that comes up.

This will bring up the standard Enclosure form.

In this I enter the name for the block as an enclosure name. The in use at this time entry is ticked by default. If you at some point no longer use a location just until this and the location will not longer show in pick lists to move birds to.

The imprint block is not contained within any other named area so I leave the Building entry, a parent enclosure, empty.

I close the from and AIMS will save the record for me and take me back to the main form with the new name entered for me in the Parent Enclosure field.

Click on the Create Enclosures button to create the 10 pens.

Natural Pairs #

We now repeat the process for our Natural Pairs block, using 11 to 20 as the pen numbers.

AIMS will check to ensure that the pen numbers are unique if you have set this is the preferences, the default

Quarentine Unit #

For the quarantine unit I repeated the same steps as before except that this time I want the rooms in the unit to be numbers Q1, Q2 , Q3 ,Q4, Q5 and Q6

To do this I enter “Q” in the Enclosure Prefix field. The sample names now shows me from Q1 to Q6

Click on the Create Enclosures button to add the quarantine unit rooms to the system

I now have the two blocks of ten pens and a six room quarantine unit on the system.

If I them move some birds into some of these new pens and goto one of the report forms and expand them we can see our new pens in the blocks with the birds in pen 1 and 2 and the quarantine unit with its six room.