7.4.16 release

When using artificial insemination it’s important to be able to predict when the next egg will be laid.

AIMS has two new ways of assisting you in this.
Both of these use the mean laid time for the calculations.

Shows you the hours since last egg


Predict the date and time of the next egg based on historical lay dates and times.

This is brought up from a button the egg page for any egg and if left open will refresh as you moved between eggs in the egg control.


Notes on how to populate this can be found here:


Added the ability to enter the female egg notes into the pip notes automatically.

When you enter a value in the egg note filed for a female a check box becomes visible when you save the record.  If you tick this the note will be added as a note on the pip page of the egg as well as the main egg notes.  This is useful for females which eggs have issues hatching so as to remind you of this on the pip labels