7.4.17 Release

We have added a new view egg by option in the egg control

View eggs by date into incubator

This order the eggs in an incubator by the date they were placed into the machine.  This was requested by a user who has  front loading incubators and puts their eggs into the incubator in sequence.  This allows them to locate eggs for weighing by their location in the incubator.

Added the number of days since last weight in the egg title bar

This shows you at a  glance when you last weighed the egg.  Useful when weighing eggs in a machine and you have moved an egg weighted in the same session into that machine, so you don’t try to weight it twice in the same day.  AIMS will warn you if you do that.

It also allows you to see if you have missed any eggs by simply moving through the eggs in the egg control for each machine when you have finished weighing them.

Reduced support emails sent

When you have an error AIMS sends an email to support staff so we can see if we need to fix anything in the code.

If a field that needs to be filled in is not and you try to save the record AIMS used to in some cases send an email to support staff.  We have now adjusted the code so it will only send the email on real errors in code rather than the user not entering data in required fields, or entering invalid data that AIMS picks up on and informs the user.

A few tweaks in code to speed up a few items in saving egg records.