7.4.15 Release

Added a button on the first page of the egg form to allow users to clear the incubator set in if they have entered an incubator here by mistake.

The incubator is only filled in on page one if the egg started incubation in an incubator.  If it started under a bird you leave it blank and then when you take the egg you enter a movement from the aviary to your incubator on the egg movement tab.

Fixed an issue where if using regression to calculate the fresh weight of the egg it was not always filling in the fresh weight entry.

If you use regression you should think about measuring the egg then AIMS will use a Kw to calculate the fresh weight which is much more accurate than regression after a few days of incubation.

Reconfigured the code which makes the decisions on how fresh weight is calculated.  This now, hopefully, covers all possible combinations of date ranges and weight entries the user can make and traps for all errors in the data.

Finally managed to stop the Kw for popping up twice when it was used.

If you want to bring the form up again just set the Kw value to 0 and it will fire the form, if the date ranges etc dictate that it should come up.

Changes some code around to speed up things a little more