Version 7.0 – April 2020

Medical Records System

For each bird you can add medical case and multiple treatments for each case

You can also add case and treatments to multiple birds in one go, making it very quick and simple to record entries such as vaccinations and worming

Pip time History for Females

Pip time history can now been seen for a female.
This can be bought up from the pip / hatch page or the egg weight page.

This is useful to see historical data for the female to see if you want to window an egg that is late pipping.

You can filter data for past x number of years if you wish.

This form is opened from a button on the pip / hatch tab of the egg management

Heartbeat Monitor

If you use the Egg Buddy from Avitonics you can now record heart rates in AIMS.

This is brought up from a button on the main egg page

Heart Beat onitor button