Earlier updates

1 April 2018

Added a new licensing system to AIMS
You will not need to obtain a license file, AIM.LIC, to install and activate AIMS.

If you are upgrading from a version earlier then 6.0 please contact us for a new license file

21 July 2013

Updates A10 application form

Animal Health in the UK have altered the format of the A10 application form.

AIMS has been updated to use the new format for this.

There are some more boxes that you can tick on the A10 page in the preferences to auto fill your application.

If these are ticked then all you need to do to create and A10 application id open the animal concerned then open the A10 application form from the permits menu, click new and print the form and sign it, everything else will have been filled in for you.

Please check the EEC annex entry as some hybrids may not have an entry in this filed on the form.

I’m looking at adding some code to the system checking routine to go though and fill these if they need to be filled.

25 April 2013

Added in the view eggs by Due to Pip.  This gives you just the eggs due to pip, in order of when they are due.

Text for eggs now have the incubator placed before the egg, this allows you to see early the name of the incubator without having to scroll to the right of the egg control.

21 April 2013

Egg Schedule

I have added an Egg Schedule to the system.

This gives you a visual representation of your eggs showing their lay dates and colour indication their current status.

The start date by default is the season start date from the preferences.  If the date is equal to or after this then the females on the left are lasted by their location, with the location name on the left side of the text.  If the date is before the season start date the females are listed by species then ID.

If you move your mouse over an egg and hold it there for a second a tool tip will appear on the screen showing the detail of the edge with dates, parents and if the egg has hatched the check detail as well

You can expand the size of the form by holding the bottom right of the form with your mouse and dragging it.

Two buttons on the form allow you to goto the first or last eggs.

Speeding up data entry for eggs

In my never ending search to speed up data entry when weighing eggs I have added the following features on the egg weighing page:

The mark egg to watch now show unmark egg for watch if the egg is already marked to watch.  So if the egg comes into your weight loss requirement you can not unstick the watch egg flag without leaving the egg weight form.

To move an egg you can now click on the move egg button.  This will then take you to the move egg tab and add a blank record.  You now just type in your incubator code and press the TAB button on your keyboard.  This will save the new record and take you back to the egg weight page automatically.

I have fixed the Kw form keep popping up.

Other things

On the egg form added another option to view eggs by, Location(D). The location option gives you eggs by location in egg number order.  Location(D) does the same, but by date set then egg number order.

On the egg form when you update details of an egg these changes will be reflected in the control on the left immediately.

For example if your egg has unknown fertility and displays as a white egg in the control and then you mark it as fertile, when you save the record the egg image will change to green.

The egg graph now shows the predicted % loss at pip on it and the bottom centre.

If you need to contact support you can now send us an image of your screen. 

Just hold down the shift key and right click on the form itself.  This will take an image of the form and place it in your clipboard so you can just paste it into an email.

15th April 2013

On the egg weight page I have added the drilled and alive fields to the grid so that you can see at a glance when it was drilled.

On the egg weight page I have added a button to move egg.  When you are weighing an egg and you want to move it to another incubator you click on this, it will then take you to the egg movement tab and add a new record and place you in the incubator field.  You just need to type in the incubator code and you are done.  This is a great time saver.

For eggs we have now added the clutch number and the sequence the egg is in that clutch.  This is displayed in the title bar at the top of the egg page for all eggs and also in the egg control on the left if you view by female.

This is calculated dynamically so as you add new eggs the system will recalculate the clutch and egg sequence automatically for you in order to maintain the correct values.

The system uses the following to determine if it is a new clutch:

On the taxon form you can enter the number of days between eggs for it to be regarded as a new clutch.  This can be done at Genus, Species and Subspecies level.

If you ever a value at species level the system will ask you if you want to fill this value in for the subspecies for this species as well.

If you enter it at genus level it will ask you if you want to fill in automatically for species and subspecies for this genus.

These will only be overwritten if their initial value is 0

There is also an entry on the preferences page for you to enter a general value.

When you add a new egg the system looks 1st at subspecies level, if the value is 0 it will look at species level, if this is also 0 it will look at the preferences value.  If this is also 0 it will use a system default of 8 days.

20th  February 2013

On the egg management form changed the list from which to select mother and father from:

Name, ID, Microchip, Accession Number


Name, ID, Common Name, Latin Name

19th  February 2013

Added download link on the web site of the AIMS Manual  in PDF format.

Added link on website to down load bird data entry form

Rearranged the order for filed selection on the egg page for users who enter egg numbers manually to speed up their data entry.

Minor bug fixes – mainly to do with data validation for users who have entered very inaccurate dates.

17th  February 2013

Added a new report to the stock reports.

This prints out a sheet for each chamber with the pair of birds details printed at the top and data for the eegs laid by the female last year, giving date of first egg, number of eggs laid, number fertile, pipped and hatched.

Add a new page to the web site with a link to download the Visual AIMS manual in PDF format.

Fixed two minor bugs that we have come across.

9th  May 2012

Added new egg report to list all the eggs in egg number order for a given date range.

This list the parents location laid, dates and outcome for the egg, and if hatched the accession number of the chick.

Added some code to the egg data validation to fix a bug that was not allowing some eggs to show on the egg weigh sheet that some users use if they do not have the computer in the incubation room.

Added a thermometer to show egg data being loaded into the main egg control as this can be slow sometimes, take a few seconds rather then being instant as before, if you have it set to show you the % loss for the egg in the control.  I will speed up the loading of this in the next release.

Added a close form button to the standard report generation form as I saw one user using this form and they were unsure how to close it.

6th  May 2012

Added field in the incubation section of preferences to allow you to enter the size of drill you normally use to drill eggs.

Added code to the drill egg tick box on the egg weight page so that it now adds text to the notes field to say the egg was drilled.  If you fill in the drill size in the preferences with say 1mm then the text this would add would be Drilled 1mm hole.

Added two button on the weight page to end incubation.  These are infertile and dead.  If you click on one of these they system will enter the current date and time into the end incubation filed on the 1st page of the egg form and also fill in the end of incubation reason.  This allows you to remain on the weight page and end incubation for a particular when you are candling eggs without having to go back to the 1st page to enter the details.

Linked fertility, died and broken tick boxes on the 1st page of incubation to the entries on the end of incubation reason form.  Now if you mark an egg as ended incubation because it was infertile the system will tick the infertile box for you automatically, the same for dead, broken etc.

1st  May 2012

Increase speed of loading egg control which was slowed down by changes we made on 25th April to add % loss at pip to text in control.

Fixed bug which displayed pip time twice asking if you want to use it for female specify pip time data.

Added link to remote support in main control under utilities section.

Tweaked a few controls to make it easier and faster for data entry on egg weights and movement of egg.

Added check box on egg weight form to allow you to make the egg as being drilled on each weighing rather than just on main egg page.  This will allow reporting on number of holes drilled for drilled eggs.

25th  April 2012

Added an entry in preference form on Incubation page to add predicted % loss at pip to display on egg control on main egg page.  If this is ticked the eggs is shown as Egg Number then predicted % loss at pip in brackets and then the rest of the details as normal.  So now you can see at a glance in one place what % loss all of your eggs are going for.

24th  April 2012

If Auto Watch eggs is set in the preferences the system will now automatically mark an egg to be watched if the calculated weight loss at pip is above or below your set values on the egg weight page.

23rd  April 2012

Added entry to preference form to set % of incubation time you want to leave eggs in a contact incubator.  Default is 50%.

On the egg form when eggs reach this % of incubation, or more, and are still in a contact incubator the system will warn you in the egg control on the left that they need to be moved.

On the pip / hatch tab of the incubation control when you select Print from the toolbar it used to always print a pip label for you, if the egg has pipped.  Now if the hatch date is filled in it will print the chick growth chart for you, this makes it easy to reprint the growth chart.

Added warning if no male or female are in a location elected for an egg laid it at that date and time.  The warning will ask you to check the date and times and also check to see if you do not have the birds marked as unknown sex, as happened with one of our uses today, no names mentioned Griff !

Added two buttons on egg weight tab to allow you to mark egg to watch and also drilled without having to go back to 1st main tab to do this.

21st  April 2012

Added current location of egg to caption of egg form so that the egg number and location can be seen at a glance.

Added location for each egg in egg control when displaying due to pip eggs.

this makes it much easier to check them for pip.

Fixed bug for movement of bird if movement is death.

5th  April 2012

Added Ctrl + B keyboard shortcut on egg form to run black screen for candling.

When adding new egg weight from New button on toolbar focus is not set on egg weight control, before it went to the grid and the user had to click in the egg weight control by using the mouse.

29th  March 2012

Added menu shortcuts to open the incubation form.

Run AIMS and when the main screen comes up press the Ctrl key and hold it down and then press I on the keyboard, then press and hold down the Ctrl key and press the e key on the keyboard.

The incubation form is now open on the screen for you.

Click on it with the mouse to select it then to add a new egg just press and hold down the ctrl key and then press the n key

On the incubation page in the preference form you now have a tick box to Auto Watch eggs.  If you tick this and an eggs density is high or low the system will automatically tick the watch egg check box on the egg form.

Added three new view filters on the egg management form to allow you to filter the eggs to view just fertile eggs, infertile eggs and broken eggs in the egg control.

Minor bug fix to Opening stock movement reason requiring the address, it no longer does so.

28th  March 2012

On the manager option menu you can now open a form to launch the remote support programme from.

This will save users trying to hunt for it via Windows Explorer.

Changed the colour of the text on the black screen used when candling eggs from white to dark grey to minimise the light given off by this screen in the incubation room.

Added two tick boxed on the general page of the preference form to allow you to control how you want enclosure names to be checked.  One enforces that all enclosure names must be unique.  The other will just warn you, but will allow you to have two encloses with the same name, as some people do use if they are in different buildings, or parent locations.

Altered the list that comes up when selecting enclosures to show the parent enclosure in a 2nd column.

23rd  March 2012

Added feature on main incubation page to allow you to move batches of eggs from one location to another.  This is useful for moving a clutch from a bird to an incubator or moving all the eggs form one incubator to another for cleaning.

Fixed minor bug on candling blackout screen where user sometimes got an error message.

Altered code to load egg control on left of incubation page much faster.

15th March 2012

Added feature on incubation weight screen allow user to make computer screen black for candling eggs.

Added pedigree for to show animal, it’s parents and grandparents.  Still need to add report for this to provide printout of the data.

9th March 2012

Added ability to auto create clutches of eggs.

Installing an update will now read your install password from the system rather than the user having to enter it by hand.

10th January 2012

Added automatic file repair system for damaged data files, for those users who like to just power off their computer when AIMS is writing data to the file.