Version 7.02

Import stock from Excel Spreadsheet

Added new import routine which allows you to use an Excel spreadsheet provided by us to enter your stock in a simple list format which AIMS will then import.

This has now been removed from AIMS in favour of a group add form for adding stock. 

This is easier to use and is built into AIMS

More quick note buttons

Added four more quick note buttons to the the weight page.

Use last fertile method for egg

Added a new option in the preferences, Use last fertile method.

If this is ticked AIMS will remember the last method you selected as the fertility method for a particular male and female and use this when you enter an egg for them next time.

This makes egg data entry even quicker and very flexible.

You can have Natural for first eggs of a clutch for a pair and then if you inseminate other eggs the next time you select the AI male as the father of the egg the default fertilisation method will be replaced with the AI one.

Enforced chick location on hatch

When you hatch an egg AIMS adds the chick to your stock.

On the pip / hatch page of the egg form there is a filed to select the location for the chick

The system was allowing you to leave this blank.  This resulted with a chick in an unknown location.

The code has now been altered so that if there is a hatch date you have to enter the location of the chick, since the chick must have gone somewhere.

Updated code for CITES and A10 applications

The CITES and A10 applications were not taking the EEC ANNEX for the bird from the main Taxon database when you added a new record.

This has now been fixed.  You will need to run the Rebuilt Taxon Database from the  System Maintenance  form to update the EEC Annex settings in your local Taxon Database.