7.5.0 Release

We are please to announce the release of version 7.5.0 of AIMS

The main feature in this release is Bulk CITES and A10 Applications,
just in time for breeder who will be ringing their chicks about now

This allows you to make CITES permit or A10 applications for a batch of birds all at the same time.

If you had a brooder room with 20 chicks in it that you had just rung you can create the A10 Certificate or CITES Export applications for ALL of them in one go with just two mouse clicks.  One to select the brooder room on the control  and the second to click on the generate application button.

See link for details on this – Bulk CITES and A10 applications

Other additions

Added option in the incubation preferences so that when you pip an egg you will not be asked if you want to move it to the hatcher, you will just be taken to the new entry for the hatcher.  This saves time when piping eggs.

If left unchecked you will be asked if you want to move the egg to the hatcher

Fix an issue in Irish CITES and A10 applications.

If you have a female egg note there is now a button below that to allow you to automatically print the note with your pip labels.

Completely rebuilt the way AIMS prints and added a new much nicer print preview toolbar which has lots of new features – Need to document this.

Minor tweaks and data checking routines.