7.4.14 Release

7.4.13 was an internal release for testing

Increased speed of data entry for registering new eggs.

7.4.14  has some tweaks that speed up egg data entry even more by taking advantage of the new auto fertility method and auto filling the cleaning method for the egg.

The fields now go from egg width to incubation started as the fertility and egg cleaning method will be auto filled for you.

Auto Fertility

See this article for more details.

Improved workflow on the add group of birds form

This now auto saves and moves you to the next entry when you TAB through the fields.

Added check box for use of semi completed A10 certificates as the dates of these will be before the hatch date of the bird

Test button for printing pip labels

When setting up a label printer you can now print a test label form the Preferences printer page.  You need to have at least on egg on the system that has pipped to be able to do this.

Once an egg has hatched the print button on the egg page prints a chick growth form. so there was not way to test this when setting up a new label printer.