How do I move AIMS to a new computer?

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I have just purchased a new computer and want to move my copy of AIMS to that machine, how do I do that?

1. Backup your data form the File / Backup and Restore menu option
see this link for details:
Backup and restore Data

2. From the Admin menu deactivate AIMS on the old computer.

Make sure that the old computer is connected to the internet when you do this as AIMS needs to send us a deactivation key notice. Without this we cannot issue a new activation key against the licence.

3. On your new computer create a temporary folder.

4. Copy your AIMS.LIC file from the visualaims directory on the old computer to the temporary folder .

5. From your support certificate download the AIMS installation file and unzip it into the temporary folder.
See this link for details

6. Copy your backup file from the old computer into the temporary folder on the new machine

7. Right click on the visualaims_setup.exe directory to install AIMS

See this link on installation

The install process with copy your aim.lic file to the new visualaims directory.

8. Run AIMS as normal on the new computer and fill in the user detail page.
When it asks you if you want to run the setup wizard say no.

9. The install will be treated as a new one and you will need to obtain a new activation key.
The system will ask you to do this automatically.

10. Restore you data from your backup.
See this link for details.

Run aims and it will do some checks then you are good to go.

Be sure to delete all the files in the temporary folder so that you do not get the aim.lic files mixed up with the activated one.

We will send you a new activation key for the new computer.

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