Version 8.9.1

  1. Fixed very long hybrid names causing an issue with the title in egg graphs.
    These have now been cut to the first 254 characters of the common and latin name.
  2. When eggs are taken as clutches AIMS allows you to enter a range for the laid from and laid to dates.  The start of incubation date can be anywhere in between these if you do not enter an incubator on page one of the egg form, i.e. incubation started under a bird.If you candle the eggs when you take them and are able to determine the actual start date for each egg and then enter it,  AIMS will ask you if you want to alter the laid to date as that date, since the egg must have existed if it started incubation on that date.

    If you say yes AIMS will change the laid to date to that of the start date you have entered.  You will only be asked this once for each egg of the clutch.

    This saves time in having to do this manually.