Version 8.9.0

In this release we have:

  1. Added option on the support page of the preferences form to allow the user to send a printer diagnostics report to our support staff.We had one user recently who is having issues with the printer module we use in AIMS.  This will allow us to see the setting for printing and assist in resolving such issues.

2. Enhanced the order for eggs when viewed by Last Weighted on the egg form.

Previously this was just the number of days since last weighed.

It is now by number of days then egg number, which makes it easier to work with.

3. Enhanced the checking code for hybrids so that it no longer reports errors when it comes across very weird hybrids that some users had created, probably by mistake.

4. A lot of small tweaks in code to make things even faster.

5. You will see in this release a new menu option Shipments.

This is a new feature coming soon which will produce all the documents needed to ship birds internationally.

It is locked out in this release as it is still being beta tested by a small number of users.