Version 8.3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 8.3.0 of AIMS.

Irish CITES and A10 Permit application updated:

The Irish CITES Authority altered their CITES and A10 application form, with new address, different fonts and changes to the layout.

AIMS now replicates thee new forms.

CITES Bulk Applications form update

The bulk CITES application form now contains an importer / Exporter selector.  This comes from the preferences and changes on the form are saved back to the preference setting.

This allows you to change the details of the importer / Exporter  without having to come out of the form.

You can do all of your CITES and A10 application from this one form, even if you are just doing one application.

If you select PDF output and Preview then you can review each one to save time having to open them all later to check them.

Naming convention of Reports now standardised across reports.

New report directory

AIMS now saves all reports created as the PDF / Word / Excel files in a new directory structure.  This makes it easier to locate the ones you want or have just created.

AIMS creates a folder on your C drive named Aims_reports

Within that it creates sub folders for each type of report.

Within those it creates a subfolder for the day you create the report:

This makes locating and storing reports much easier than having them all in one folder, where older ones would get overwritten by newer ones of the same name.


This makes it very easy for example to locate all of the A10 application you have created today.

Support email of data folder

You can now submit a copy of your data to our support from within AIMS should it be necessary for us to try to track down any issues.

This creates a zip file of your Data folder and uploads it to our support server automatically.

It then send an email to our support team to notify them.
You can add notes to send in the email describing the issue you are having.

2nd ring is now added to CITES and A10 permit applications as well as other reports.

For CITES and A10 this is controlled from a setting in the preferences on the CITES Permits page of the Documents section.

Added incubator cleaning method defaults

DNA sexing form now closed automatically after use

Tweaks in code to speed things up even more and some minor bug fixes.