Version 8.0

We are please to announce the release of version 8.0 of AIMS.

In this release we have added:

Auto update

This enables AIMS to download and install updates automatically.  You no longer have to download files and run them yourself.

Please see the link below for details

Auto Update

Egg Report

On page one of the egg form if you click on the print Icon AIMS will print for you a report for the egg.  This is a 4 part report:

  1. Data form page one and two
  2. Egg weight data from page three
  3. Movement data form page four
  4. Egg graph

For output you have the options of Print, PDF, Preview

Head count report

This is a stock report that gives for each location a count by species of males, females, total number fo birds in location.

This was requested by a user to do a quick headcount of their large number of birds.