7.5.3 Released

Updated the A10 description field to fit more information into it.

If the parent species and their A10 information was included and the parent species name or their ring numbers were long the information would not all fit into the field.

The font size has been reduced to give more space and we have aded a checkbox in the preferences to include or exclude the parent species from the description.

The legislation does not require that the parent species ins included, just their ring number and A10 number if known.

Entry on CITES page

Entry on A10 page

These are in fact the same field, so unticked one will untick the other.

The default is unticked

With species

Without species


Added box on growth form to put chick ID colour.

Many of us colour mark our chicks to identify them until they are rung.

We have added a box at the top of the growth form for this, rather then just pt a blob of colour anywhere.