Version 9.0

This is a major update to AIMS.

We have added a new module which allows you to produce all your shipment documents.

With almost no typing involved it will  produce for you:

  1. Booking request to send to your shipping agent.
  2. Schedule of birds for your export health certificate application.
  3. Packing list.
  4. Invoice.
  5. A catch-up list when you come to catch the birds for the shipment.
  6. Box labels.
Shipping Box Label


For full details of this please refer to the link below:

Shipment main data entry form

Other changes include:

When you go to the pip / hatch tab on the egg form if there is a pip time entered AIMS will now put you into the hatch from field rather than the pip from field.

This saves time and prevents users overtyping the pip from date when tired during a busy breeding season.
Thanks to Alec from Maydale falcons for the suggestion.

Added a note to the pip page of the incubation form to inform the user that pip times are disabled if the start of incubation date is not entered on page one.

When pipping an egg the user is asked if they want to use the pip time as a reference value for future calculations.  The yes and no buttons on the form that ask this have now been set as Yes for the default.
Previously No was the default in order to make the user have to look at the figure and think about it.  We have found by looking at the data that in most cases the user is able to see that a value is abnormal and reject it.  Setting Yes as the default saves a little time when pipping eggs.

Fixed an error in the Young Inventory report which prevented the report from running.

Added new field to the address book, Position.
This is the person position with the company. This is used on invoices produced for shipping birds.  Users will need to update the registered users entry detail for this for it to show on invoices they produce.

Female pip time form now only uses data from eggs that have use pip time for reference ticked on the pip / hatch page.

If an egg has too high or too low a weight loss AIMS automatically marks the egg to watch.  This had to be turned off by hand when the weight loss came back in line with the desired settings.

Now AIMS will turn this off automatically.  It is only done if the watch was turned on by AIMS for weight loss.  If you mark it to watch manually then it will remain on until you turn it off manually.

When an egg is saved the entry in the egg control on the left is now highlighted to show you better which egg you are con in the control.  Previously it only had a light grey background which was hard to see at times.

Added grid on incubator fumigation page and servicing page so that the user can see past entries.

Added entires for these to also show on the toolbar list.

Added screen recording to allow you to record what you are doing to send to support staff.  This is activated form the manager options menu / Support submenu.  It runs a small external program that logs the keys strokes the user presses and mouse movements and also takes screen shots.  It is totally automated and you can send the resulting file to our support team so we can see exactly what has been do to produce any issue you might be having.