Speeding up date entry for Laid to and Laid from dates and times

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When entering your eggs into AIMS you want to be able to do it as quickly and accurately as possible.

When entering the Laid from and Laid to dates and time if the laid from is today then the Laid to date must also be today.

If the Laid from is today then when tabbing out of the Laid from time you are taken to the Laid to time field rather than the Laid to date filed and the Laid to date is automatically filled for you.

If it was a date other than today you are taken from the Laid from time field into the Laid to date field.

Little things like this speed up date entry and make a big difference when you are dealing with lots of eggs

We been asked why I did not use 99 for today and 98 for yesterday as it makes sense as it;s easy to remember these.

98 is two keys whereas with 88 you just tap the same key twice, it’s quicker.

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