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AIMS is all about getting accurate data into the system as quickly and easily as possible.

Very often when entering dates for eggs you want todays date or yesterdays. Many fields default to todays date for you on adding a new record.

In those fields that do not AIMS has a quick keyboard trick to complete the date entry quickly.

For today’s date you simply type 99 and TAB out of the field

For yesterdays date you type 88 and TAB out of the field

In Both cases you will be put into the time filed so that you can enter the time you need.

So for laid from and two dates for an egg which was laid from yesterday evening and seen this morning you would type 88 in the Laid from field and then 99 in the Laid to field.

I have been asked by not 99 and 98.

98 is two seperate keys.

88 means you just tap the same key twice, its quicker and easier.

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