How do I use my own egg numbering system

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AIMS autogenerates for you a sequential number for each egg for any given year.

Some user have asked to be able to use their own code on an egg rather than the number AIMS provides, so that they can add letters identifying the female etc.

If you want to do this you need to turn Auto Generate Egg Numbers off in the preference form.

Open the preference for from the main menu

When the form open click on the Incubation selection in the control on the left. As shown by item 1 below

Un-tick the Auto Generate Egg Numbers on the bottom left of the page.

You can now enter your own egg numbers.

AIMS will validate that they are unique.

We do not recommend using your own numbers as the sequential number sequence generated by AIMS is simple and easy to read on eggs, so less mistakes when one is tired after long nights checking eggs etc.

The ONLY purpose of the number on the egg is to identify the egg when you are weighing it or when it pips or hatches. The parent and other details are all available on the egg form at a glance.

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