How can AIMS help in record DNA sexing

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Many breeders use DNA sexing for their young.

Submitting egg membranes is a very useful method as it means you get the sex of the chick back early.

When you get the results back from your laboratory AIMS allows you to update the sex of the chicks very quickly.

From the toolbar on the left of the main screen select Enter Sexing Results

This will bring up the DNA sexing entry form

The form displays all birds with unknown sex, that you have not excluded.

If you wish to exclude a bird, because for example it died, then tick the Exclude from list check box and it will not show in the list again.

Once you have ticked the sex for the chicks you have the results for click on the Update DNA results for chicks button (2).

AIMS will update the sex of the chick and set the sexing method to DNA.

On our to do list is to add to this to allow you to print the submission forms to the laboratory in the same way.

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