Article 10 Certificate applications

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Applying for Article 10 Certificates could not be easier if you use AIMS.

All it takes it two mouse clicks, no typing or getting information wrong on the application.

AIMS already has all your birds details and that of it’s parents in the system, including the Article 10 Certificate numbers of the parents if you have entered that.

In the preferences form you set what you want to have on the application by default, such as include parent details, sign by email, etc.

In the bird form navigate to the bird you want to produce the application for.

Open the Article 10 application form and AIMS will automatically add a new record and fill in all the data for you.

Then you just have to click on the print icon in the toolbar to produce it as print or PDF so that you can just email it to your CITES authority.

This has al the birds details and that of it’s the parents with their A10 numbers filled in

So it’s just two mouse clicks to get a fully completed application, no typing needed !

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