Add Article 10 Certificate number for bird already in AIMS

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To add an Article 10 Certificate number for a bird you have in AIMS goto the bird in one of the bird forms, in this example Current Stock.

Then got the menu option Permits for birds

This will open the permits form and if there are no permits for this bird in the system it will add a new record and fill in the bird for you.

If you already have some permits for this bird just click the New button on the toolbar and AIMS will add a new record and fill in the bird details.

Fill in the other details and save the record.

If you have made an Article 10 application for the bird in AIMS then all you need to do is open the bird then open the Article 10 application form from the Permits and Documents menu.

This will bring up the applications for this bird.

Goto the 2nd page of the form and fill in the permit details on the bottom left then save the record and AIMS will update the permit entries for this bird for you.

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