In order to maintain one documentation source for AIMS we are moving away form the PDF manual that installs with AIMS to an online documentation section which is fully searchable

This will give us the ability to maintain just one documentation source that will always be available to all users.

It will take a little time to move all the contents over to the online version. In the meantime anything you cannot find in the online documentation please check out the aim_manual.dpf file which is installed in the visualaims directory.

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Incubation form data entry tweaks

Reducing key strokes for data and item laid entry

Even though AIMS provides very quick data entry for eggs we are always looking for ways to increase this.

In the main egg data entry page when you enter the laid between dates and times you are given the default values of the current date and time.

In most cases you only normally need to alter the times.

This is done by tabbing from the date from into the time from field, altering the time then tabbing into the date to field and then the time to field.

If the date from is the current date then the time to must also be the current date, as it can’t be in the future.

When you tab out of the time from field AIMS will bypass the date to field and take you straight into the time to field.

When entering a lot of eggs each day this small change saves al lot of keystroke and time.

Adding default egg sterilisation and fertilisation methods

One the main egg page you can record the method used to sterilise your eggs before placing them in the incubation and the method by whoch the egg was fertilised.

These are normally the same for most users eggs. These can now be set in the preferences and that value will automaticlly be added to a new egg, saving you having to select anything if those methods are applicable for that egg, whcih in mist cases they will be.

Medical Records System

For each bird you can add medical case and multiple treatments for each case

You can also add case and treatments to multiple birds in one go, making it very quick and simple to record entries such as vaccinations and worming

Female pip times and resultant hatches

Waiting for an egg to pip can be a worrying time if you think it is late pipping.

We have added a new feature on the Pip page which gives you detail of the previous eggs from that particular female.

This will bring up a form showing the data for pips for that female.

You can look at all years or just a specfic number of years back from the current date. Default is all years.