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7.4.17 Release
We have added a new view egg by option in the egg control View eggs by date into incubator This order the eggs in an incubator by the date they were placed into the machine.  This was requested by a user who has  front loading incubators and puts their eggs into the incubator in sequence.  This allows them to locate eggs for weighing by their location in the incubator. Added the number of days since last weight in the egg title bar This shows you at a  glance when you last weighed the egg.  Useful when weighing eggs in a machine and you have moved an egg weighted in the same session into that machine, so you don’t try to weight it twice in the same day.  AIMS will warn you if you do that. It also allows you to see if you have missed any eggs by simply moving through the eggs in the egg control for each machine when you have finished weighing them. Reduced support emails sent When you have an error AIMS sends an email to support staff so we can see if we need to fix anything in the code. If a field that needs to be filled in is not and you try to save the record AIMS used to in some cases send an email to support staff.  We have now adjusted the code so it will only send the email on real errors in code rather than the user not entering data in required fields, or entering invalid data that AIMS picks up on and informs the user. A few tweaks in code to speed up a few items in saving egg records.
7.4.16 release

When using artificial insemination it’s important to be able to predict when the next egg will be laid.

AIMS has two new ways of assisting you in this.
Both of these use the mean laid time for the calculations.

Shows you the hours since last egg


Predict the date and time of the next egg based on historical lay dates and times.

This is brought up from a button the egg page for any egg and if left open will refresh as you moved between eggs in the egg control.


Notes on how to populate this can be found here:


Added the ability to enter the female egg notes into the pip notes automatically.

When you enter a value in the egg note filed for a female a check box becomes visible when you save the record.  If you tick this the note will be added as a note on the pip page of the egg as well as the main egg notes.  This is useful for females which eggs have issues hatching so as to remind you of this on the pip labels






7.4.15 Release

Added a button on the first page of the egg form to allow users to clear the incubator set in if they have entered an incubator here by mistake.

The incubator is only filled in on page one if the egg started incubation in an incubator.  If it started under a bird you leave it blank and then when you take the egg you enter a movement from the aviary to your incubator on the egg movement tab.

Fixed an issue where if using regression to calculate the fresh weight of the egg it was not always filling in the fresh weight entry.

If you use regression you should think about measuring the egg then AIMS will use a Kw to calculate the fresh weight which is much more accurate than regression after a few days of incubation.

Reconfigured the code which makes the decisions on how fresh weight is calculated.  This now, hopefully, covers all possible combinations of date ranges and weight entries the user can make and traps for all errors in the data.

Finally managed to stop the Kw for popping up twice when it was used.

If you want to bring the form up again just set the Kw value to 0 and it will fire the form, if the date ranges etc dictate that it should come up.

Changes some code around to speed up things a little more


7.4.14 Release

7.4.13 was an internal release for testing

Increased speed of data entry for registering new eggs.

7.4.14  has some tweaks that speed up egg data entry even more by taking advantage of the new auto fertility method and auto filling the cleaning method for the egg.

The fields now go from egg width to incubation started as the fertility and egg cleaning method will be auto filled for you.

Auto Fertility

See this article for more details.

Improved workflow on the add group of birds form

This now auto saves and moves you to the next entry when you TAB through the fields.

Added check box for use of semi completed A10 certificates as the dates of these will be before the hatch date of the bird

Test button for printing pip labels

When setting up a label printer you can now print a test label form the Preferences printer page.  You need to have at least on egg on the system that has pipped to be able to do this.

Once an egg has hatched the print button on the egg page prints a chick growth form. so there was not way to test this when setting up a new label printer.



Fixes an issue with Windows drive cache and the add group of birds form.

Windows was not writing the data to the drive and so after adding a group of birds the system would delete them  only to have them appear again when the next batch was added.

Also fixes some jumping around in the grid on the same form


Added the ability to enter a ring number of a single ?

This is for when adding birds as batches and you really do not know.

If you use this AIMS will add a note in the notes field to remind you to check it and also mark the entry to be checked so you can filter on that to find any.


This release fixes an issue with some behind the scenes values used for egg numbering.  This issue was introduced in 7.4.5.

It does not affect eggs being entered this year, but might for eggs entered next year, so better to update now.

The update code will take care of any values already entered.

7.4.9 Release
  • Fixed an issue with bird detail report
    Parents details were not displaying.  Now resolved
  • Added Vaccinations to the bird detail report
    If in the medical treatment you have given any vaccinations these will be displayed in the bird detail report.
  • Medical procedure can now show a number of items
    This is useful if you give annual vaccinations which consist of multiple vaccines etc.
7.4.8 Release

This is a bug fix.

In 7.4.7 if you selected Location (D) to view eggs by the right click to add new weight on weight page was disabled.

This is now fixed

7.4.7 Release

Added new View eggs last weighed by button.

This is for Last weighed and shows you when you last weighed eggs, enabling you to easily see any you might have missed during a weighing session

It lists your eggs in the egg control by lay last weighed, with longes time at the top.

It only shows eggs that have a fresh egg weight in AIMS and are still running.

This was requested by a French zoo that uses AIMS and is really useful to check you have not missed any during a weighing session.

New batch system for adding incubators and hatchers.

To add your initial, or later, incubators and hatchers to the system select on page one how many incubators / hatchers you want to add.

These are added as blank entries for you on page two, with some entries filled for you from your preference settings

When you have completed entering the incubator IDs, short descriptions and checked the temperature and humidity settings, which are taken from the preferences form,  for each entry you click on a button to add the incubators and the temperature and humidity readings to the system.

AIMS will validate the data before attempting to add them to the system.

If any of the check fail you will be show what needs to be corrected.

If they all pass validation the batch is added to your system.

This makes it very quick and easy to add all of your incubators on a new system

Added code to validate that the 1st weighed date and time is not before the laid to date and time.

 Not sure how we missed that for all these years!

Enhanced the system checking code

We received a very large data set that went back to 2012 which has all sorts of anomalies in it from a user that had not updated their version of AIMS for a long time in order to check for them that they could update to the latest version without any issues

This allowed us to enhance the checking code using a really large live data set.

Display of clutch and egg number within clutch got turned off by mistake.

This crept in in an early version 7.x release.
This has now been turned back on.

Added include in breeding stock to the add group of bird form.

Removed the import from Excel spreadsheet option

The new improved Add Group of birds to stock form makes this redundant.

Added fertility count to chamber notes report

Print egg graphs.

When on the egg graph page if you press the print button on the toolbar AIMS will now print you out the egg graph.

Fixed an issue with single egg search

If using the quick single egg search facility at the bottom left of the egg form  the right click to weigh that egg was not working.